These limited edition and signed posters were made for the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014 season of performances by Tim ‘Rosso’ Ross and Kit Warhurst, performed at the Robin Boyd Walsh Street House in South Yarra.

What is the show about?

From Tim:

“So here is the concept in a nutshell. We find iconic, extraordinary and breathtaking architecturally designed houses or buildings and we turn them into temporary performance spaces. They become little theatres where not only can you enjoy a show which weaves story telling, standup comedy and music but the audience can also explore the space as well. That means lounging around on furniture, opening up cupboards, having a glass of wine and generally making yourself at home. Most people love going into a great house and checking it out so all we have done is soup this up with some entertainment. Man About the House often lets people experience properties that they would never normally be able to.”

You can keep updated about upcoming shows in iconic houses at

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Gig Poster, Melbourne Comedy Festival, February 2014

Responsible for: Painting and print production