• 2014 DHS Making a Difference Award

Housing.vic.gov.au is the single source of information for current public housing tenants, potential social housing tenants and anyone wanting to know about housing in Victoria.

Alongside two other extensive projects: an information gathering and re-writing process, as well as an online housing options assessment tool,  I assisted the Digital Engagement team and the Communications department with information architecture targeting the complex array of core personas.

The primary objective of the website is to provide clarity of information for people under difficult housing and other life circumstances. Of major importance is the variation of people’s ability to self-assess their situations, in order to understand their options for support and the course of action they may need to take. My UX goal was to provide a ‘way-finding’ layer, presented in plain-speak, to enable those seeking help to get to relevant information as easily as possible.

Department of Human Services, Housing.vic.gov.au | Visit website

Responsible for: user experience, information architecture, responsive design for tablet and mobile, wireframing, visual design.

Development: Technocrat