• #1 in the App Store Top Charts Children’s Category

In February 2015, ABC Kids launched a free ABC Kids iview app, specifically designed for preschool viewers.

  • The app is a safe, child-friendly environment specifically designed for preschool kids and tested by preschool kids. It is a deceptively simple layout that gives 2-5 year olds the confidence to navigate the app via images and buttons rather than words and labels.
  • A special “Grown Ups” section allows parents and carers to set your own parameters in regards to what your kids can and can’t do with this app – hide certain shows, set a screen timer and see your child’s popular watching via their ‘favourites’.
  • No ads, just quality kids shows.

I worked with the ABC Kids Multiplatform team to provide User Experience insights and recommendations, as well as Visual Design components in an agile process.

ABC Kids iview App | iTunes | Google

Launched February 2015

Responsible for: UX, prototyping designs, wireframing, interaction design, visual design.

Branding: Hulsbosch

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